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Cat Spent Years Confined To A Cage—Now She Can't Stop Thanking Her Rescuer In Cutest Way Ever

Josephine 05/08/2021

Lovebug, an adorable cat who you'll learn to love, has been offered a second chance in life. Unfortunately, this loving kitty had some painful experiences in her young life. She spent much of her early years stuck in a dog crate. Lovebug's first owner had a mental illness and was incapable of caring for her.

It was a traumatic event for the little kitty but luckily, Lovebug wasn't compromised to the point of no return. She welcomed her rescuers with open paws and couldn't have been more outright and unrelenting in her expressions of affection.

Lovebug was rescued by Furry Nation Salvation , a rescue group based in Florida. Patty, her new foster mom, is quickly learning what an amazing cat and friend Lovebug can be.

Animals can give up on life when stuck in a small environment for a long time. Lovebug was suffering from a skin infection when she was rescued. Although she was missing some patches of fur, she made a full recovery rather quickly.

Unlike most cats who have been through similar experiences, Lovebug has become an affectionate and loving pet. Many animals who experience early trauma become anti-social and are unable to become good pets.

Lovebug shows her affection to her owner every day with kisses, licks, gentle headbutts, and cuddles. Although Lovebug's exact age is unknown, her rescue group assumes she is between three- and five-years-old.

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