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Mom Enjoy A Night Of Pleasure With Boyfriend 20 Minutes After Watching Him And His Cousin Viol*te and Dismember Her Daughter

Antonia 06/08/2021

A New Mexico mother did nothing to stop her boyfriend and his cousin from raping and dismembering her daughter, even as the 10-year-old girl begged for them to stop, police say.

Michelle Martens admitted that she sat back and watched her daughter, Victoria, be killed by her boyfriend Fabian Gonzales and his cousin, Jessica Kelley, in August. She then allegedly had sex with Gonzales 20 minutes later. 

The claims emerged across three interviews with police during which Martens told a series of conflicting accounts,  reported.  

Forensic reports said the girl had been dosed with meth, raped, strangled, stabbed and dismembered. 

Murdered: Victoria Martens was dosed with meth, raped, strangled and stabbed on August 23, a day after her tenth birthday. Her dismembered body was found wrapped in a burning blanket

Mom: Her mom, Michelle, initially claimed she didn't see the killing, but eventually told cops that she watched her daughter be raped because she enjoyed it, police transcripts claim

Fabian Gonzales (left) and his cousin Jessica Kelley (right) were guilty of the attack, Martens claimed - but the mom admitted she did nothing to help her begging daughter

Interview transcripts obtained by the station go on for more than 100 pages before Martens, 35, admits that she sat back and watched as her daughter was

assaulted and killed at around 5pm on August 23, the day after her 10th birthday.

She initially claimed that she and Gonzales, 31, had been attacked by Kelley, a convicted rapist, in the night, and had no idea what had happened to Victoria.

'Jessica comes into our bedroom and asks me if I believe in God,' she said. 'She kept hitting me, hitting me, hitting me, punching.'

As she fled the scene, Martens claimed, Kelley shouted 'You daughter's dead!'

Victoria Martens, seen above in Facebook photos, was killed at around 5pm on August 23, the day after her 10th birthday

Michelle Martens, seen above in a Facebook photo, initially claimed that she and Gonzales, 31, had been attacked by Kelley, a convicted rapist, in the night, and had no idea what had happened to Victoria

But during the course of the interviews, that story changed: She then told cops that she and Gonzales had left Victoria alone with Kelley, and that the girl had died after taking some meth that she found.

Martens said Gonzales and Kelley disposed of Victoria's body - which was found dismembered and wrapped in a burning blanket - and that they threatened to kill her if she told on them.

Police, doubting her tale, tricked her into believing that Gonzales was giving up the truth in another room.

Ultimately, she admitted the truth: That she had sat back and watched Gonzales and Kelley rape and murder her daughter, even though the girl begged for mercy,  reported.

The trio are seen above in a still from court during a bond hearing in August. Their trials are expected to take place next year. From left, Martens, Gonzales and Kelley

And that wasn't the first time, either - she admitted that she'd watched the pair rape Victoria on at least three other occasions in the days before she was killed, and that she thinks Gonzales had been abusing her for a month while she was at work.

Martens even had sex with Gonzales 20 minutes after the killing, KTLA said.

She told cops she enjoyed watching her daughter be violated, and had let two other men have sex with her in the six months before the murder.  

The mom, who also has a son, named both men, but police have not confirmed if they are being investigated.

Martens admitted using dating website Plenty of Fish to look for men to have sex with Victoria. 

At one point a detective asked: 'This time she died and you weren't ready for the type of animals (Gonzales and Kelley) were?'

'Yes,' said Martens, 'but I should have stopped it.' 

Gonzales had been interviewed for eight hours, initially mirroring Martens' claim that they were attacked by Kelley.

However, he then changed his claim, saying he had discovered Kelley with Victoria's body and had helped dispose of the corpse.

Kelley asked for a lawyer, but did inquire as to what evidence police had.

Police discovered Victoria's body in August, wrapped in a burning blanket in an apartment owned by Martens. 

Some of her remains were found in a plastic bag in a hamper near the kitchen, reported The Albuquerque Journal, citing court records. 

Investigators also sought DNA evidence from the suspects, as well as multiple electronic devices and a camcorder they believed may have been used for sexual exploitation of children.

Martens faces charges of kidnapping and child abuse resulting in death; Gonzales faces those same charges as well as child rape.

Kelley, who according to  had been staying at the Martens home in Arroyo Villas apartments after being released from jail, has been charged with kidnapping, child abuse resulting in death and child rape.  

She had attempted to flee the apartment in Albuquerque when police went to arrest her and jumped off the balcony injuring her foot.

She was seen during an initial court appearance in a wheelchair.  

Victoria had just started fourth grade at an Albuquerque elementary school and was due to have a birthday party on the day she died. 

She had an older half-brother who was not at home at the time of her killing.

Her brother's father Jason Oetting issued a statement after Victoria's killing saying the way the custody schedule was in place her had their son on the night Victoria died.

It said: 'Drug abuse and substance abuse had never been an issue, and Michelle seemed to be a normal person. 

'It's by the grace of God he wasn't with Michelle that night.'

His attorney William E. Hoskovec said: 'This tragedy has left my client in disbelief. He's cooperating with investigators in every way in this matter. He is and will do everything he can do to protect his son.

'She's never been a monster, she got mixed up with the worst kind of people and that contributed to a downward spiral from what we can tell.'

Their trials are expected to take place next year. They are all being held on $1million cash bonds.

According to CNN both Kelley and Gonzales have extensive criminal records and Martens has a previous traffic citation.

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