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Dog barks babysitter, so mom hides camera in her hair

Antonia 04/08/2021

Dogs are known to sometimes behave strangely in storms and even in supernatural activities. But Killian acted much stranger before the family’s babysitter – it was almost like a horror movie. Something was wrong and the family knew it.

You had to be quick and smart to learn the truth. When it was time to play the audio, they called the authorities.

Hope Jordan and Benjamin Jordan were a typical couple. After getting married, they finally felt in a happy place in South Carolina. They had two other family members, their cute seven-month-old son Finn and their loyal dog Killian.

They felt they couldn’t be happier. But while keeping their dream alive through hard work, the family was not aware of what weird things were going on in their home.

Both parents worked very hard and decided that it was time to get a babysitter for the young Finn while they could not be at home.

They thoroughly examined Alexi Khan before hiring them. When they found nothing, they decided that it suited them perfectly. You should have checked how Killian reacted around them.

The family dog ​​Killian was a very sweet companion. Most remarkable was how good he was with her son – he just made her so happy to have him. He was a cute but definitely not heroic puppy, so he was never used as a security guard.

Killian was the perfect playmate for the young Finn, but they didn’t know that he would soon start to behave extremely uncharacteristically. His personality took a sharp turn.

One night Benjamin was confronted by her sitter. Alexis said that if they didn’t do anything about her dog, she would stop. Apparently their pet would growl at them as soon as they left them alone with Finn and Killian.

He would get in her way as she tried to take care of Finn. “I’m afraid of this dog,” she exclaimed, “and what about Finn’s safety?” Benjamin and Hope didn’t know what to say, they were so surprised.

Benjamin tried to dispel his doubts. Killian had never given him reason to worry about Finn’s safety, he was just cute to Finn. “He would never …” he said softly.

After imagining the worst, Benjamin told himself it was all nonsense. But after Alexis kept complaining about Killian, he knew that if it wasn’t the dog that was the problem, what about the sitter?

After speaking to other dog owners, he was told that Killian was probably acting the same way in front of people he didn’t know. But why would that only have developed now?

Maybe Killian was jealous of her child. However, Finn never seemed to have a problem with the family’s other pet. In fact, Finn has been more withdrawn in the past few days. What could it be that the parents just didn’t notice?

A few months passed and the situation escalated out of control. Alexis said these days that her dog would get hectic and try to attack her if she did as little as if moved.

The Jordans couldn’t take the 22-year-old’s word for it, they couldn’t even see it firsthand. But since their babysitter complained so much, they had to find out what the problem was. This was when they started thinking about an idea that had never occurred to them – it was a last resort.

The Jordans didn’t want to have to look for another sitter so quickly. Before that, Alexis seemed perfect, so they thought it might be a good plan to separate Killian from her sitter.

But after executing this idea from Hope, she had another idea. If their pet only went crazy in front of Alexis when they weren’t there, Killian might not be the wrong one. Maybe Killian wanted to tell you something about Alexis?

Hope was thinking more and more about the situation. The more time she spent looking at the situation, the more it made no sense. Before Alexis, Killian had always been well trained and never showed aggression even as a puppy.

The only thing Killian had shown for her family was care and protection, especially with her baby Finn. Was Alexis the one who wasn’t honest?

Hope suggested hiding an iPhone under the couch to see if they could shed some light on the situation. Because when it mattered, they trusted Killian with their child and never saw him as a threat.

But Benjamin had a better idea that would allow the affected parents to get to the bottom of what’s going on in their house.

Benjamin planned and built a tiny hearing aid. The next morning Hope carefully attached it to Killian’s collar under his hair.

This would allow them to listen to what was going on. Hopefully it would bring some light into the dark, which would trigger their normally calm dog while they were away during the day.

That evening Benjamin and Hope came home from a long day’s work. And as always, Alexis immediately started to complain about Killian. Hope picked up Finn and prepared him for bed.

Then she took the tape recorder from Killian’s collar and sat down with her husband to hear what it had recorded. But when they heard the playback, the horrified couple could only stare at each other in disbelief.

The tape “started with cursing,” Benjamin said in his statement. And it only got worse. The couple could clearly hear Alexis shouting at Killian to “get out” as his growl intensified.

Then they heard another sound that cooled them to the bone. Without a word, Benjamin took his phone and dialed the police.

The recording revealed that Alexis had insulted and shouted at the baby. The police listened carefully and sympathized with the Jordans. But they weren’t sure if an audio recording would hold up in court.

Then Benjamin played another part of the audio that gave them chills. Is this really the one you trusted to take care of your son?

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