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Mum has her face painted to match her son's birthmark so she can see what life is like for him

Josephine 06/09/2021

This amazing mother paints her face to match with her son's facial birthmark to make him feel natural and beautiful.

This type of birthmark occurs in an estimated 1% of infants worldwide and is located in the area of the head and neck 15% of the time.

But Enzo's mother Carolina Giraldelli, 28 a businesswoman from Cassemiro, Brazil has calls the birthmark, that has no cure, a 'Kiss of God'.

The first-time mother has found a unique idea to make little Enzo accept his birthmark and feel at ease.

Carolina Giraldelli had her face painted to match her son's birthmark, so she could experience what life is like for him for a day. Her son Enzo, one, was born with a dark birthmark covering his forehead and stretching down one side of his nose.

Carolina said, "I feel so happy and beautiful when I got the patch done. It was a very interesting day because I could feel a little what he may feel…Feel a little bit of him in me. It was incredible!“I consider myself a little creative and when Enzo was born I wanted to do something different for him and have a record of it for me to show when he grows up.”

Carolina welcomed their first child three years but were unaware if the birthmark.

However, the mother said she was thrilled when he saw her son after birth and not even once worried about the birthmark.

She said, "When Enzo was born I was so happy and enlightened that I just thanked God for his existence in my life.

"I was happy and grateful. I felt in the bottom of my heart that that little mark wasn’t serious and we call here it a "Kiss of God"!

"I felt incredible, I have never questioned or feel sad about it. I think his birthmark is perfect for me and the eyes of God.

The young mother takes Enzo in front of the mirror and tells him that he is beautiful and intelligent—the lines that Enzo loves to repeat.

She said, "Since he was a little boy, I would take him in front of the mirror every day and say how beautiful and intelligent he is. Now that he talks and understands better, he repeats it every day.

"Enzo is Beautiful…Enzo is smart…Enzo is special…Enzo is kind…Enzo will help many people.”

The mother says that while people are used to him, she wants him to develp confidence as he is growing older.

"He already goes to school and is super intelligent, has interaction with several children and people and can even ask him what is on his face, which he answers calmly!

"He needs to have a very good emotional base so he faces no a problem in his life, rather take it as a gift from God and become a person of reference and strength.

Carolina often posts pictures of Enzo and herself to spread the word about acceptance and her makeup has helped several parents to not.

"I have already received many positive messages that because of my attitude, mothers and fathers have started to see their children differently, isn't it wonderful?

"Kids with such birthmarks are no different. My husband and I believe that this is part of growing your self-confidence and strength.”

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