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Moment body of boy, 8, is cut from croc’s stomach after 26ft beast swallowed him as dad desperately

Antonia 01/09/2021

THIS is the horrifying moment the body of a boy, eight, was cut from a croc's stomach after the 26ft-long beast swallowed him whole in Indonesia.

Dimas Mulkan Saputra was dragged into murky water as his dad frantically swam after the huge reptile, say reports.

The 26ft-long beast was hauled out of the river in Indonesia

Then villagers in Muara Bengalon began searching for the missing boy, Dimas Saputra

His lifeless body was found inside the croc, one day after he was taken by the reptile

The boy had been fishing with his father, Subliansyah, when he strayed further from the shore.

The croc suddenly pounced on him in Tempakul River, East Kalimantan on Wednesday morning (March 3), reports Merdeka.

Seeing the deadly 26ft-long (six metre) reptile dragging Dimas away, Subliansyah swam after the reptile and punched it to try and make it release his son.

Tragically, the animal swallowed little Dimas whole without even chewing.

The croc was found the next day (March 4) and Dimas' body was cut out fully intact but, sadly, lifeless in the village of Muara Bengalon in Bengalon District.

A local search and rescue agency official known as Oktavianto said the child’s father had desperately jumped in the water to save him, but the reptile was too strong and fast.

Oktavianto added: "He chased the crocodile and hit it with bare hands but he couldn’t keep up."

Rescue officials said they found the croc on Thursday morning - just 100metres from where the boy had been attacked and swallowed whole.

The moment the croc was brought on shore before its stomach was cut open

Devastated villages shouted the name ‘Dimas’ in hope of the boy still being alive as the crocodile was hauled ashore.

The atmosphere immediately became emotional and residents broke down in tears over the death of the primary school pupil.

Bongga Losong, head of the Rescue Team for the East Kutai SAR Post, said: "After we found the crocodile we split its stomach [open].

"Then we took the child to the funeral home. We buried the crocodile."

Head of Bengalon Police, AKP Slamet Riyadi, told Merdeka: "Yes, it is true, the victim has been found."

The website reports that Dimas' death comes weeks after another eight-year-old boy, Ardiansyah, was killed by a crocodile in East Sepaso Village while bathing in the river.

His body has not as yet been found.

In 2019 The Sun reported on the tragic death of a boy, ten, who was killed by crocodile after being dragged from a boat in front of his horrified family.

The child was grabbed by a saltwater croc while sitting in a small wooden boat with his two old siblings off the island of Balabac in the Philippines.

His father searched for him overnight, but his grisly remains were later discovered by a fisherman in a nearby mangrove swamp.

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